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Crit Post
I’ll... be... right... here.
You know what to do here guys. HIT ME. Only not really, I'm old. :x

IP logging is off, comments are screened, etc.

Hey guys listen to my canon. :Db
And the tree was happy.
Hey everyone, if you want a free download of the Up soundtrack, you can download it here courtesy of the LA Times, with the code LATIMESDISNEY. Unfortunately it's only for those in the U.S. and only lasts until December 3! But I figured I'd share it since the music on the soundtrack is really pretty~

Edit: For those outside the U.S., there is now an upload here! o/

Stats and Permissions
Since the 900s I've always loved you.
Age: 78
Height: Quite short.
Medical Info: HE'S VERY OLD. Uh... he requires glasses, needs a hearing aid, and uses a cane to walk. ...Though he is like... very very strong to be able to pull a house/Russell.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Physical traits: Very hunched over and just. Looks very grumpy.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Anything is cool! I mean, even stuff about Ellie would be okay so long as it remains in nice territory (anything mean and he will beat you with his cane probably.)

Abilities: Can uh. Pull a house on balloons? Has badass cane fighting skills? Can... grump and be sarcastic forever? I... can't really think of much.

Notes for the Psychics: Nothing really, pretty normal thoughts up here!

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes, yes, yes (though he may smack you with his cane for that), and uhhh let's talk when it comes to the last one (WHY WOULD YOU ABUSE AN OLD MAN.)

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Try it if you want, but he'll shove you off fairly quickly.


Cooking: Totally can! Probably won't cook for others much unless like. You're very pathetic looking or something.

Since the 900s I've always loved you.
Back in my day we didn't have no fancy lj-cutsCollapse )

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